Wisdom cannot be granted. It must be earned
Harry Potter and The Goblet of Fire + AC IV DLC Freedom Cry
I could help ya out. I have some stacked in my gifs folder. Just tell me which ones you need.

//any gifs of bara optimus really. I dont have many of them, maybe only 2 or 3? so im not really worried about doubles ^^

why not go back to your post history and get them back onto your list? that usually helps

//mm yes i could but like I said, nearly 900 pages and 9,863 posts to go thru man

i used to have like 20,000 posts on this blog and I got it down to little less than half BUT STILL

its so much… OTL

TFP Optimus and Elita by X4vrztesp
((I FOUND YOUR GIFS! XD asjkfh yeah that’ll be a bit daunting..))

//:D really which ones?

and yeah @_@ i got to pg 100 and i was like I CANT EVEN adsf

im gonna need to clean my blog out again sometime soon UAU


TFP - ELITA ONE by X4vrztesp

TFP - ELITA ONE ( Raw ) by X4vrztesp
((look back in your blog? thats usually where i got most of mine back from))

//I did try to. but I have 900 pages to look back on xD

Just don't get any romantic advice from Miko.


//im still looking for some of my gifs and reaction pics, inu’s found a lot of them tho C:

i need some robustimus gifs, so if you guys have any or what not; you can either send them to me; or tag me in a post. whatever is most easisest for ya :)