Kept doodling silly little cookie bots after that oreo thing hahah oops
OP and Bee are based on these


Kept doodling silly little cookie bots after that oreo thing hahah oops

OP and Bee are based on these

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Team TF4 doodles!!!! Yeah!!!! 

I’m pretty glad with how they came out~!


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Elita watched his audial fins twitch and flick, pressing down the urge to touch or kiss them. Such was another adorable thing that hadn’t changed about him. But then he spoke.

Her spark dropped, lip caught between dentae to stop herself from making a sound. She knew that there wasn’t much of a chance for her girls to survive scraplets, let alone Insecticons. Besides, anyone on Cybertron would know the instant a bridge opened, so the girls would have found whoever it was, be it friend or foe.

The femme took a moment to think of them and pray that perhaps they left or arrived after Optimus had made his visit. She would hate to have been the cause of her squadron getting offlined.

His words brought her back to the present. Elita One knew that it was no good dwelling on the past. The future was where life was. So with a nod, she answered him.

You know, Optimus, had it not been Earth and the humans, it would have been some other planet. Some other race. Anywhere there’s energon, there will be a fight. It’s the simple truth of the war. Perhaps once the fighting ends, races such as the humans won’t have to get dragged into situations they can’t possibly understand.

Optimus knew how important Elita’s femmes had been to her. They were more than just allies in the war, they were friends. They were her family.  A thumb gently rubbed the underside of her palm in a gentle, consoling manner. “I am sure, they are fine. “ He rumbled softly, “Perhaps they are in hiding, underground. Or they went off world.”

He then gave a sigh and glanced away. She was right, he knew it. “I know…” Optimus whispered silently. “But still, I cannot help but wonder sometimes, how much better things would have been for them, for the friends we have made, if we never had come here.”  Thoughts of the children, Ms. Darby, Agent Fowler, they swept through his mind. Another sigh left him. “Sometimes, I wonder if I am doing the right things. I cannot always tell.” He finished sadly. So much praise was given to him by his team, by their human allies, at how great of a leader he was; at how noble he was. But they didn’t know how much he really doubted himself, deep down in his spark.

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welp, pupu has me roped in once again


//Now, there are two generations worth of robo-bro stuff to look forward to

worked a little bit more on my G1 op.

I’m still not satisfied with his url. if you guys have suggestions, that would be so cool and appreciated ;A;

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Trying to develop a new plot 


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Anonymous asked: Prime how are you so friggen cute?

He has no idea. 

Optimus will reply with a slight shrug.


"I don’t think she would be offended by it," she tilted her head the other way, "It’s not offensive so long as it’s not said in a tone that would reflect that," she shrugged her shoulder, though the idea of Arcee running after Smokescreen like a bat out of hell was amusing. She snorted a little once more and shifted to pull one of the chairs to the side railing so she could sit and relax, "I’m sure you’ll find yourself using it yourself soon."

"I do not see how I would." He rumbled in amusement. "I’m rather…particular with the words I use. Slang has never been a part of my vocabulary. It is the way I have always been."